My Story

Hi, I came into silversmithing almost by accident. When our two boys were little, we used to take them to their football trainings and sometimes I stayed to watch. It was during one of these moments that I had noticed the buzz in one of the classrooms nearby. It was full of activities where some adult students were torching something or hammering something, etc… I was intrigued and mesmerised by their actions and later realised that it was a silversmithing class. 

I was enrolled for the course starting in 2002 and I was curious, exited and slightly terrified to embark in something new. When I have learnt enough to start making my own jewellery, I started making my jewellery from home as my hobby. I also started teaching classes with a friend to those who were interested to know the craft. A few years later I decided to have just a a small group of like minded people attending a workshop from my home. 

In 2014, my husband and I left our previous jobs and moved to France to set up a ELELTA shop and workshop to turn my hobby into my full time job where now I’m designing, creating and selling my silver jewellery alongside my husband’s weaving. 💕

So, my name, Tsedey means Springtime in Amharic language (Ethiopia) and the name ELELTA means the Cry of Joy. I chose this name for my business because Springtime is the a time for celebrations, new beginnings where hopeful season brings excitement. In Springtime, the land around us and the fields and meadows are full of new growth and beautiful colours of the wild flowers, the trees will be in full bloom and some bushes and trees unfurling their new leaves. Going for walks and looking all the nature is what feels me with joy and this is what really inspires me to sit at my bench to come up with some lovely creations.

If you would like to know more about what I do then please follow my journey on my instagram account… eleltaatelier.

I’m Gareth, a weaver living in Najac, France. We design and make our products in our workshop-boutique in the village square. I use fibers like cotton, wool, linen, silk, jute and leather to create my designs. This gives more depth and individual look to each of the textiles woven. Most of the textiles that we weave involve some finishing of the woven textile like making the cushion covers with adding a linen backing and zips and mounting the lampshade textiles on the frames.

Click here, to see some examples of our Handwoven Products.

Elelta Atelier-Boutique

14 Place du Faubourg
12270 Najac

+33 0966902126